Grants Crisis: Zulu Warns of Postbank Failures Threatening Lives, DA Urges Sassa to Consider Private Banks

Grants Crisis
Grants Crisis

Grants Crisis-Social Improvement Minister  Lindiwe Zulu’s affirmation that specialized “disappointments” at the SA SA Social Security Agency  (Sassa) “undermined the lives” of social award recipients has attracted calls for beneficiaries to accept their cash from private banks.

This comes seven days after the more seasoned individual’s award was intended to be paid out however large number of beneficiaries are yet to accept their cash.

Talking in the social improvement parliamentary portfolio council on Wednesday, that’s what zulu said, for most of recipients and their wards, social awards are “the main type of pay whereupon their work is established”.

Grants Crisis -She was reacting to what she called “failed” Postbank systems that erroneously recorded insufficient funds in thousands of old-age grant recipients’ accounts, causing angst among those who depend on the monthly state income. The old-age grant is nearly R2 100.

Zulu said the “technical glitches” began when the SA Post Office and its subsidiary, Postbank, adopted a new payment system in October 2022.

“Prior to the implementation of the switch, grant beneficiaries experienced neither withdrawal failures nor funds deductions from their accounts,” Zulu told the committee. 

In any case, this was excused by DA MP Alexandra Abrahams, who urged award beneficiaries to “ditch the Postbank”, which is one of 21 banks utilized by Sassa to dispense installments.

Postbank opens represents recipients who don’t have them – which is around 40% of social administrations recipients.

Abrahams said she accepted it was the ideal opportunity for recipients to think about utilizing different banks-Grants Crisis

“While the priest [Zulu] has been centered around odious plans to help companions, she has horribly flopped in her command to serve South Africa’s least fortunate and most weak residents. It is time she showed some authority and demanded an explanation from Postbank for its proceeded with disappointments of Sassa recipients,” Abrahams said.


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