Government Announces Official Social Grant Increases for 2024

SASSA Grants 2024

Introduction: Government

In a bid to support vulnerable citizens and address the rising cost of living, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana unveiled the 2024 Budget Speech to Parliament, confirming increases to permanent SASSA grants. These adjustments, aimed at keeping pace with inflation and improving accessibility, are welcome news for the nearly 19 million South Africans who rely on social grants for their livelihood.

Godongwana’s Announcement

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, in his address to Parliament, highlighted the official increases to the permanent social grants:

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1. Old Age, War Veterans, Disability, and Care Dependency Grants:

  • A noteworthy increase of R100 to these grants, divided into R90 effective from April and R10 effective from October.

2. Foster Care Grant:

  • A R50 increase, providing additional support to families caring for vulnerable children.

3. Child Support Grant:

  • An increase of R20, offering crucial assistance to families with dependent children.

Minister Godongwana emphasized the importance of these increases, stating that they are crucial steps to ensure the well-being of those who rely on social grants.

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Improvements to the SRD Grant

Acknowledging the challenges faced by those reliant on the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant, Minister Godongwana assured the public that efforts are underway to improve the grant by April of this year. The aim is to mitigate the impact of rising living costs on the 19 million South Africans who depend on these grants.

The improvements to the SRD Grant are part of a broader strategy to provide comprehensive support to those most in need. The National Treasury is working closely with the Department of Social Development to finalize these enhancements, ensuring they are efficiently implemented to benefit recipients.

Extension and Future Plans

The extension of the SRD Grant beyond March 2024 will be within the current fiscal framework. Minister Godongwana emphasized the collaborative efforts between the National Treasury and the Department of Social Development to finalize the regulations for these improvements. Looking ahead, discussions on extending the grant beyond March 2025 will involve social security policy reforms and funding considerations.

In addition to extending the grant, the government is exploring ways to improve its reach and effectiveness. This includes streamlining the application process and ensuring timely disbursement of funds to eligible recipients.

Background on the SRD Grant

The SRD Grant, initially introduced in May 2020 during the height of the pandemic, has proven to be a vital lifeline for 9 million unemployed individuals. Originally slated to end in March 2023, it was extended to March 2024 earlier this year. President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed support for its extension and improvement, recognizing its impact on poverty alleviation and economic stability.

The SRD Grant has been instrumental in providing temporary relief to those who lost their livelihoods during the pandemic. Its extension reflects the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable populations and ensuring their financial security during challenging times.

Ramaphosa’s Perspective

During this year’s State of the Nation Address (Sona), President Ramaphosa highlighted the significance of social grants beyond immediate financial relief. He emphasized that these grants are investments in the future, citing their positive effects on school enrollment, attendance, and overall community well-being.

President Ramaphosa reiterated the government’s commitment to social development, stating that social grants play a crucial role in poverty alleviation and building a more inclusive society. He emphasized the need for continued support for vulnerable populations, especially during times of economic uncertainty.


The official social grant increases for 2024 mark a significant step in the government’s efforts to support vulnerable communities. Minister Godongwana’s announcement of these adjustments reflects a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by those reliant on social grants. The improvements to the SRD Grant and the extension of its coverage demonstrate a proactive approach to supporting those most in need.

As discussions continue on the extension and improvement of social grants, it is evident that these programs are vital for ensuring the well-being of millions of South Africans. The government’s focus on social development and poverty alleviation through these grants is a testament to its commitment to building a more equitable and resilient society.

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