Former Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane Joins EFF: Embracing a New Political Home

Public Protector
Public Protector

In a surprising turn of events, former Public Protector advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has found a new political home in the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This move comes after Mkhwebane’s premature impeachment by Parliament, abruptly ending her term as the country’s Public Protector.

Former Public Protector Busisiwe

Mkhwebane’s journey as Public Protector was not without controversy. Her tenure was marked by several high-profile investigations and legal battles, which ultimately led to her removal from office. Critics cited concerns about her competence and impartiality, leading to a heated debate in Parliament that resulted in her impeachment.

However, despite the challenges she faced, Mkhwebane remains a prominent figure in South African politics. Her decision to align herself with the EFF, a party known for its radical stance on economic transformation and social justice, has raised eyebrows and sparked intrigue among political observers.

In her farewell message, Mkhwebane expressed gratitude to her former colleagues and acknowledged the difficulties encountered during her time as Public Protector. She highlighted the importance of serving the people and commended the resilience of her team amidst unprecedented attacks on the office.

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This unexpected move by Mkhwebane adds a fresh twist to the political landscape, creating anticipation and speculation about the impact she may have in her new role within the EFF. As she takes her seat in parliament alongside those who voted to remove her from office, it remains to be seen how this new alliance will unfold.

While some view Mkhwebane’s decision as a bold move to continue her fight for social justice and equality, others question the implications of her joining a party known for its confrontational approach. As she embarks on this new chapter, all eyes will be on Mkhwebane and the EFF, watching closely to see how this partnership will shape the future of South African politics.

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