Exploring Bursary Opportunities for Matriculants and Grade 12 Students in 2025

Bursary Opportunities

As a matriculant or Grade 12 student in South Africa, the journey towards higher education can often seem daunting, particularly when it comes to financing your studies. However, there are numerous bursary opportunities available to assist talented students in pursuing their academic dreams. Let’s delve into a curated list of bursaries for the upcoming academic year, offered by reputable organizations committed to supporting educational advancement.


Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) Bursary Awards For 2025
The DALRRD is dedicated to enhancing the agricultural sector and rural development in South Africa. Their bursary awards aim to empower deserving students pursuing studies in agriculture-related fields. This bursary provides financial assistance covering tuition fees, accommodation, and other essential study-related expenses.

    Application link: Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) Bursary Awards For 2025

    Old Mutual Actuarial Bursary Programme 2025
    Old Mutual, a leading financial services provider, offers a prestigious bursary programme for aspiring actuaries. This programme supports students studying actuarial science and provides mentorship opportunities within the industry. Successful applicants benefit from comprehensive financial support and invaluable professional development.

      Application Link: Old Mutual Actuarial Bursary Programme 2025

      Wits – South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) 2024 Bursaries
      The SAJHR, in collaboration with Wits University, offers bursaries to students passionate about constitutional studies, human rights, or justice-related issues. This opportunity is open to students enrolled in any South African public university, providing them with resources to explore and contribute to critical societal issues.

        Application Link : Wits – South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) 2024 Bursaries

        Grand Gaming Bursary Programme For The Academic Year 2024
        Grand Gaming, dedicated to youth empowerment, presents a bursary programme specifically tailored for Mpumalanga youths. This initiative supports students pursuing various academic disciplines, promoting educational growth and community development.

          How to Apply:

          Submit clear copies of the following documents via email to pubisi@grandgaming.co.za with the subject line “Grand Gaming Bursary 2024”:

          1. ID document (certified copy)
          2. Matric certificate (certified copy)
          3. Full academic record (if already studying)
          4. Proof of registration at a tertiary institution in Mpumalanga for 2024
          5. Tuition statement/quotation statement showing 2024 academic year fees
          6. Proof of the institution’s banking details for bursary payment (certified copy)
          7. Proof of residence
          8. Affidavit from the police station showing that your parents or guardians are unemployed or low-income earners
          9. Motivational letter stating why you deserve the award


          Sanlam Bursaries for Actuarial Science Students 2025
          Sanlam, a prominent financial institution, extends bursaries to school-leaving learners intending to study actuarial science in 2025, as well as current full-time actuarial science students. The bursary includes financial support and opportunities for practical experience within the industry.

            Application Link: Sanlam Bursaries for Actuarial Science Students 2025

            Masakh’iSizwe (MiS) Bursary Programme
            The MiS Bursary Programme focuses on supporting studies at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the Western Cape Province. This initiative is part of the provincial government’s commitment to education and skills development, offering comprehensive support to eligible applicants.

              Application Link : Masakh’iSizwe (MiS) Bursary Programme

              Thuthuka Bursary for Chartered Accountants
              The Thuthuka Bursary Programme targets disadvantaged South African and coloured students aspiring to become chartered accountants. This programme not only provides financial aid but also offers mentorship and professional development opportunities to facilitate academic success.

                Application Link : Thuthuka Bursary for Chartered Accountants

                These bursary opportunities represent a fraction of the resources available to matriculants and Grade 12 students seeking financial aid for higher education. Each programme is unique in its focus and support offerings, aiming to foster academic excellence and empower future leaders in various fields. Eligible students are encouraged to explore these opportunities and embark on a journey towards educational and professional fulfillment. Applying for these bursaries can pave the way for a promising academic future while alleviating the financial burdens associated with pursuing higher education.

                Remember to visit the respective websites of these organizations for detailed eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and additional information regarding these bursary programmes. Good luck on your educational journey!

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