Eskom Power Failure Leads to Water Outage in Tshwane Areas


Eskom Power Failure: In an unexpected twist of events on Friday, December 8, 2023, a power failure initiated by Eskom has led to a significant water outage impacting certain areas in Tshwane. This disruption unfolded at the Palmeit Pump Station of Rand Water (RW), causing a ripple effect on the water distribution infrastructure.

Reservoir Depletion: Brakfontein Reservoir

Despite a prompt restoration of power on the same day, the Brakfontein Reservoir, a crucial component of the RW system, faced depletion. Its water level plummeted to 10% this morning, posing challenges in supplying the Akasia reservoirs and the Hartebeeshoek Reservoir, which, in turn, feeds the Soshanguve L Reservoirs.

Eskom Power Failure : Water Scarcity Challenges

As a result, the Akasia Reservoir currently stands empty, while the Hartebeeshoek and Soshanguve L Reservoirs are at critically low levels. The looming threat of water scarcity becomes more pronounced, with the Soshanguve L Reservoirs at risk of running dry if high water consumption persists.

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Urgent Call for Water Conservation

Residents in affected areas, particularly Soshanguve and its surroundings, are urgently urged to adopt water conservation measures. Authorities appeal to the community to use water judiciously, sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary.

Cooperation for Water Consumption Reduction

In light of the ongoing water crisis, residents are called upon to cooperate with the City’s efforts to reduce water consumption. Failure to do so could exacerbate the situation, leading to more reservoirs running dry and additional areas experiencing water shortages.

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City’s Plea

“Residents are requested to please cooperate with the City to reduce their water consumption in an effort to end the current water outages,” emphasized the City of Tshwane. The collective action and responsible water use are deemed essential to mitigate the impact of this unforeseen incident.

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