Enroll For The University of Cape Town(UCT) Free Online Courses Today and Get Your Qualification – Anyone Can Register

University of Cape Town(UCT) Free Online Courses

Enroll For The University of Cape Town(UCT) Free Online Courses Today and Get Your Qualification – Anyone Can Register

  • Location: Anywhere in the world
  • Number of Vacancies: Many
  • Closing Date: Not Specified

About The University of Cape Town(UCT)

The University of Cape Town(UCT) has six campuses, including Upper, Middle and Lower campuses;
Hiddingh Campus; the Health Sciences Campus; and the Breakwater Campus, which has a newly
established satellite facility in Phillippi.

UCT is a community of exceptionally talented students, teachers and researchers – and a wide range of professional, administrative support and service staff – all of whom are committed to help change this world for the better. UCT encourages one another to work hard, not only to earn degrees or public recognition, but also to be leaders in this increasingly changing world.

UCT’s vision is to be an inclusive, research-intensive African university that addresses the challenges of the current time with cutting-edge teaching, research and facilities. It has a proud tradition of academic
excellence and is currently the top-rated university in Africa and one of the top-rated universities in the world.

UCT researchers continue to help with the creation of African-based solutions to global
problems, including issues relating to climate change, urbanisation, safety and security, education and health, to name just a few. Many UCT researchers are recognised world leaders in their respective
In addition to providing excellent teaching, UCT encourages students to build their leadership and
service skills. We invite our students to participate in the many volunteer projects taking place in the
local communities, to become active members of the 100+ societies and over 40 sports clubs on
campus, or to give something back to the institution by serving in student governance.
Key Responsibilities
UCT offers 19 courses hosted on Coursera that are free and that anyone can join. There are no entry
requirements and these are not for university credit. You can choose to purchase a certificate, and in
some cases financial aid is available.

Four UCT courses that were previously hosted on the FutureLearn platform have been retired. These
were Medicine and the Arts, What is a Mind, Extinctions: Past and Present and Education for All. The
video lectures from these courses can be accessed through the OpenUCT public repository, search
using the MOOC name.
Anyone can apply from anywhere. The courses are online and free of charge.

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