Empowering Tomorrow’s Female Leaders: The Girls for Mining Mentoring Program

Female Leaders

Female Leaders :Are you passionate about fostering diversity in the workplace and empowering the next generation of female leaders? Glencore Zinc invites you to join the Girls for Mining Mentoring Program 2024 as a mentor and make a lasting impact in the lives of young women.

Female Leaders :What’s the Girls for Mining Mentoring Program?

Glencore Zinc has launched the Girls for Mining Mentoring Program for 2024, aimed at inspiring and guiding year 11 and 12 female students. This 12-week program includes students from Mount Isa and online participants from other locations.

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Your Commitment

  • Program Duration: 12 weeks (15 May 2024 – 26 July 2024)
  • Mentoring Sessions: Bi-weekly group mentoring sessions with female students
  • When: Every second Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm
  • Participate in ‘Meet the Expert’ Q&A Sessions

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Why Become a Mentor?

  • Professional Development: Enhance your mentoring, coaching, communication, and listening skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and expand your network.
  • Become a Glencore Ambassador: Represent a leading organization and inspire future talent.
  • Industry Role Model: Guide and motivate young women, shaping their career aspirations.

Benefits of Mentoring

Many students lack real-world work experience. Being mentored by seasoned professionals offers invaluable insights into organizational and professional life, aiding students in planning their career paths. Mentoring cultivates confidence, improves behavior, and reshapes mindsets, benefiting young women in our region.

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About the Program

Students will benefit from:

  • Weekly Emails: Receive career-related information.
  • Fortnightly Group Mentoring: Engage in face-to-face or online mentoring sessions.
  • Monthly ‘Meet the Expert’ Sessions: Gain insights from industry leaders.

For more information and to join as a mentor, please contact Simon Wilcox at simon.wilcox@glencore.com.au.

Empower young women. Inspire change. Join the Girls for Mining Mentoring Program and make a difference today!

Apply Now :Empowering Tomorrow’s Female Leaders: The Girls for Mining Mentoring Program

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