DPSA Circular 16 of 2024 : Find Open Jobs Today

DPSA Circular 16 of 2024 : Find Open Jobs Today

DPSA Circular 16 of 2024 : Find Open Jobs Today

DPSA Circular 16 of 2024 is now published by Department of Public Service and Administration, Find Open Jobs and Application guide in this article.

Every Friday, DPSA is announcing a range of exciting job opportunities across various departments in South Africa.

Exploring DPSA Circular 16 of 2024

DPSA Circular 16 of 2024 outlines various positions available within the public service sector. The circular covers a wide array of job categories, including entry level posts, administration, finance, human resources, information technology, and more.

Department of Public Service and Administration serves as a beacon of light for Jobseekers who are looking for vacancies at Public Service Sector.

Application guide

If you are interested in one or more of the jobs advertised by departments, follow these guideline to apply for a specific position:

  1. Review job requirements and application details under each department.
  2. Download and complete Form Z83 (Application for Employment). You can also get the form from any national or provincial department.
  3. Attach your curriculum vitae (CV). The department may also ask you to attach certified copies of your educational qualifications, identity document and other personal documents. Please read the advertisement carefully to see what you should attach.
  4. Submit your completed Z83 form and all the required documents to the address listed in the advertisement.
  5. You may, depending on the approach followed by the relevant department, receive an acknowledgment letter.

Accessing Latest DPSA Circular

South African Individuals who wants to access the vacancy circular 16 of 2024, can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official DPSA Website
  2. Click on ‘Public Service Vacancy Circular’
  3. Select the latest Circular
  4. Browse the latest jobs advertised by various departments

It is crucial to carefully follow all instructions and provide all required documents to avoid disqualification during the shortlisting process.

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