BMW Is Recruiting X7 Production Assistants ( Apply with Grade 12)

BMW Is Recruiting X7 Production Assistants
  • Job ID: 127177
  • Location: Rosslyn
  • Closing Date: 29 April 2024

BMW Is Recruiting X7 Production Assistants ( Apply with Grade 12) The body in white production team is responsible for the manufacturing and assembling of the body in white at Plant Rosslyn.

Summary of Duties:

  • To be able to perform all tasks in his section requested by his Superior
  • To adhere to the ISO 9000/ ISO 14000 and BS8800 standards, procedures, policies and working instructions at all time, which are applicable to him.
  • To effectively apply self inspection in his work station, his immediate environment and on his own Health & Safety.
  • Operate all fixtures, jigs and load parts, as per Operating Instructions.
  • Ensure that correct tools, abrasives are used.
  • Ensure housekeeping at work station and good time keeping.
  • To participate and communicate problems effectively to Team Leader.
  • To achieve and maintain product quality (QZ) targets, productivity and volume requirements.
  • Ensure a high quality of workmanship and to adhere to all safety rules and requirements
  • Participate actively in PIP, CIP, communication and problem solving sessions
  • Identify Safety, Health and Environment related hazards within his area and report the hazards to either his Team Leader or Health & Safety rep.
  • Adhere to the wearing of the required PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Maintain a clean and pollution free environment.
  • Report all incidents to the Emergency number x3003 or Team leader
  • Adhere to the South African legal requirements in terms of Environment and Health & Safety, as communicated by the Team Leader
  • Adhere to the CHI (Chemical handling instructions) when using chemicals.
  • Operate all equipment safely
  • Responsible for separating waste.

Job Requirements:

  • Education: Gr 12
  • Experience: 1yr (possibly in BMW)
  • Knowledge and Skills: Through knowledge and skills of Body shop line techniques
  • Language: Read, write and understanding of English and Afrikaans
  • Work content: –
  • Guidelines to adhere to: ISO 9000/ISO 14000/BS8800, Company policies and procedures, Quality Targets, Volume targets, Team leader instructions
  • Number of subordinates: –
  • How does the superior control the work?: Measure against targets and product audits

How to Apply?

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