Apply for a Social Grant Without ID or Birth Certificate 2023/24

Visit your nearest SASSA office and inform the official that you lack an ID document or a birth certificate and wish to apply for a social grant under Regulation 13(1). The SASSA official will walk you through the process of applying with an affidavit instead of proof of identification.

What documents can applicants submit in place of birth certificates or identification documents? Apply for a Social Grant

As previously stated, applicants must complete the affidavit provided by SASSA. They must also submit any of the following documents to apply for social grant:

  • Card for the Roads to Health clinic
  • Certificate of Baptism
  • Letter from a reputable person who knows the child and the applicant (councilor, social worker, religious minister, school principal, or traditional leader)
  • Recent term report or proof of school attendance (SASSA documents and affidavits are available here)
  • If you are a refugee, a copy of your Section 24 permit is required.

What to do next if my SASSA grant is approved?

Apply for a Social Grant

The next step is to go to the Department of Home Affairs and inquire about how to obtain an ID document or a birth certificate.

It may be beneficial to obtain a referral letter from SASSA in order to expedite the application process at Home Affairs. Keep your application receipt or proof of application. Then, take a copy of the receipt or letter to SASSA and ask an employee there to accept it as proof that you applied for an ID or birth certificate. Check the “DHA receipt” box on their online system.

Take a copy of your ID document or birth certificate to your SASSA office and ask them to update your application.

Please read the Children’s Institute and Legal Resources Centre (LRC) booklet for more information.
You can find answers to all the questions you may have.

According to the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, the following statistics:

  • In 2017, approximately 500 000 children in South Africa lacked birth certificates (80% of whom were South African citizens).
  • Only about 50 000 South African children without birth certificates were receiving social grants in December 2022.
  • Around 10 000 caregivers without ID documents received social grants for their children in December 2022.

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