x2 Air Traffic Control Officer at ATNS (based at Kruger Airport)

Applications are invited to apply for the opportunity to provide ATCO 2 based at Kruger Airport. The successful applicants will be reporting to the Officer in Charge-FAWB. ATNS is seeking two internal candidates to be responsible for the provision of Air Traffic Control Services at Kruger and to prevent collisions between aircraft, to maintain an orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic, to provide aircraft with advice and information for the safe and efficient conduct of flight, to render an alerting service to aircraft in distress and assist agencies involved in Search and Rescue as appropriate. To ensure that a particular service is provided in a safe and expeditious manner, in accordance with Company policy, ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP’s), in order to meet and satisfy the reasonable requirements of the aviation community

Job description

Major Activities 

  • The control by CNS in accordance with prescribed standards, procedures, and practices (SARP’s), Air traffic within that airspace for which he/she is responsible for, to ensure safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic, information provision and appropriate assistance where required.
  • Setting-up and checking surveillance, where appropriate, navigation and communication equipment in accordance with standard operating procedures to ensure optimum performance and serviceability.
  • Maintaining in the approved manner, a flight progress display of all aircraft under his / her direct control to ensure co-ordination and sequencing of air movements.
  • Rendering (all possible and continuous) assistance to aircraft in emergency or distress, reporting such occurrences, supporting any operator (ATC) encountering an emergency or distress situation in order to enhance the safe and successful completion service delivery to all flights (This includes alerting services and assisting agencies involved in Search and Rescue).
  • Providing aircraft with meteorological and any other information for the safe and efficient conduct of flight.
  • Maintaining a continuous watch on the assigned communication channels and remaining on duty, on the designated/assigned control position until properly relieved, thereby ensuring continuity of operations.
  • Relaying equipment, facilities, and navigational aid serviceability reports, navigational warnings to aircraft in the air and / or the appropriate authorities and initiating NOTAM action as required, communicating, and ensuring knowledge of current system status to all concerned. This includes the appropriate administration associated with these functions.
  • Complying with procedures detailed in Station Standing Instructions, particularly those pertaining to:
  • Opening and closing operational positions
  • Taking over an operational position(s)
  • Management of unserviceable equipment and facilities – The ability to adapt
  • Special procedures
  • Maintaining own medical and proficiency standards to remain valid in all the required operational positions.
  • Maintaining all associated and required operational administration, current and in compliance with company demand and SOPS.
  • Assist and support the OIC/Pool Manager with the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) at the unit, enabling an environment for the implementation of the SMS and make recommendations to ensure that the ATNS safety policy remains appropriate and effective.
  • Assist with safety assessments.
  • Continuously monitor and identify any trends or any other indicators of deterioration in safety or service levels. Pro-actively plan to ensure that safe, efficient, and continuous service levels are implemented and maintained.

DEADLINE: 26 October, 2023

Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • A valid Aerodrome Rating (South African or International).
  • Valid class 3 ATC medical
  • Valid English language proficiency – Level 4 and above
  • Previous tower validation within ATNS will be advantageous.

Minimum Experience

  • Three (3) years’ experience applicable ATS experience
  • Two years on-the-job instructional experience (OJTI qualified)

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