Moonstone RE5 Certificate

Moonstone RE5 Certificate We are inundated with requests from clients who have mislaid their certificates. Please follow the DIY steps below to get it much quicker

Regulatory Exam candidates who wrote with Moonstone, and passed, can download a copy of their RE1 and RE 5 certificates from the website: is what you do:Click on the Moonstone FAIS Exam webpageClick on the second heading: “update your booking/personal details/get results”.Key in your ID or Passport Number used to register for the examThe system will send a password to the e-mail address you provided at registrationUse this password to log in on the same address as aboveYou will then be able to download your certificate.This page also contains your results. What if your address changed after registration?Send a copy of the ID you used during registration, and your new e-mail address, to We will then change the e-mail address on our system, and you can follow the procedure above to obtain the document.Please do not forget to also let the FSB have your new address.Our website also contains a wealth of regulatory examination information, including tips on writing the exams. Please feel free to browse there to your heart’s content.Click here to go to the relevant section.

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