SASSA Payment Schedule for November 2023: Collect Children Grant Today

Collect Children Grant Today : The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has announced its payment schedule for November 2023, allowing beneficiaries to collect the Children’s Grant starting today.

Collect Children Grant Today: Ways to Receive SASSA Payments

SASSA beneficiaries can access their payments from selected supermarkets such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave merchants, Checkers, and Shoprite. They have the option to receive payments via their SASSA card, CashSend, or opt for direct bank account transfers.

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SASSA Payment Dates in 2023

For those relying on SASSA grants or supporting loved ones who are beneficiaries, it’s essential to know the upcoming disbursement dates.

November 2023 Payment Dates

December 2023 Payment Dates

  • Older Persons/Pensioners Grant: Friday, 1 December
  • Disability Grant: Monday, 4 December
  • All Other Grants: Tuesday, 5 December

Beneficiaries should take note of these specific payment dates to ensure timely access to their grants.

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Understanding the payment schedule is crucial for beneficiaries to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life. It’s recommended to refer to the designated dates for each grant to avoid any delays in receiving the much-needed financial support provided by SASSA.

For more detailed information, applicants can also visit the SASSA website or relevant government portals to stay informed and aware of any updates or changes regarding grant disbursements.

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