📰 Load Shedding Takes a Break: Eskom Suspends Power Cuts for the Weekend 📰

Eskom Suspends Power
Eskom Suspends Power

Eskom Suspends Power Cuts for the Weekend , welcome relief for South African residents, Eskom has announced that load shedding will be suspended starting from 22:00 tonight until 16:00 on Monday. This means that for more than three days, households and businesses can enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Eskom Suspends Power Cuts for the Weekend

The decision to suspend load shedding comes as a result of the continued good performance of Eskom’s generation fleet and the expected lower weekend demand. With breakdowns reduced to 12,925MW and planned maintenance at 4,889MW of generation capacity, the power utility is confident in providing stable electricity supply during this period.

Eskom has been facing challenges in recent months, with frequent load shedding causing inconvenience and disruptions across the country. However, the temporary suspension of load shedding provides some respite for South Africans, allowing them to carry on with their daily activities without the worry of power cuts.

The power utility has assured the public that any significant changes in the situation will be communicated promptly. A further update will be provided on Sunday afternoon, ensuring that everyone remains informed about the status of load shedding beyond the weekend.

Load shedding has become a familiar term for South Africans, as the power grid struggles to meet the growing demand for electricity. It involves the planned and controlled reduction of electricity supply to avoid a total blackout. While it is a necessary measure to prevent the collapse of the power system, it can be disruptive to daily life, affecting businesses, households, and essential services.

To view the Load Shedding Schedule for your area, please click here.

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  • Make use of surge protection: Electric surges are one of the biggest causes of damage to equipment during a power outage. Installing a surge protection device can help minimise some damage in unforeseen situations. Have a surge protection device fitted to your electrical distribution board or at the power outlet to the electronic device.
  • Ensure that your alarm system is working and the backup battery is fully functional to provide power to the system in the event of load shedding.
  • Spare torch or headlamp: Keep a torch in your car if you arrive home at night during a power outage. Most smartphones have built-in torch or torch apps, which come in handy during unexpected power outages.
  • Emergency contact information: Save emergency contact information on your phone, but also keep a paper copy safe and accessible. This should include contacts for emergency services such as the fire department, police, and/or medical services. Also include the contact information of friends and/or family along with insurance information. 
  • Charge your cell phone, laptop, and tablet: Ensure your cellphone, laptop, and tablet devices are fully charged ahead of scheduled blackouts. Be sure to charge them again as soon as possible after the power returns. It’s also a good idea to have an emergency phone charger (like a power bank) close by. This comes in handy during extended power outages. 
  • Gas for cooking and lighting: Get a small LP gas bottle and lamp. It gives good quality lighting for a large area and can also be used for cooking and boiling water. It’s a good idea to keep hot water in a thermal flask so that you can make hot drinks. Also, consider preparing meals beforehand if you know when there’s going to be a scheduled blackout.

As Eskom continues to work on improving the stability and reliability of the power grid, the temporary suspension of load shedding serves as a positive development. It gives South Africans a chance to recharge and make the most of their weekend activities without the worry of power disruptions.

So, as the weekend approaches, South Africans can look forward to uninterrupted power supply. Whether it’s spending time with family, catching up on work, or simply relaxing at home, the temporary break from load shedding will undoubtedly be welcomed by all.

Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy a load shedding-free weekend! 💡🔌

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